Inspection Types

Buyer Inspection - To obtain an honest and impartial view of a home's condition prior to purchase, avoiding unpleasant surprises after closing.

Pre-Listing or Seller Inspection - Conducted prior to showing the home, informs sellers of existing or potential problems, allowing repairs as needed to increase the value of the home.

Radon Testing - To measure, record and disclose radon levels present in the home and whether radon reduction techniques might be warranted.

Review Inspection - Performed for the buyer after an initial Seller Inspection, essentially a reinspection, conducted at a reduced cost.

New Home Warranty Inspection - Performed prior to exhausting the time period covered by the builder, which is often one to two years.

New Construction Inspection - A phase inspection of usually three visits during construction to either help the builder acquire a Certificate of Occupancy for the home, or for the home buyer to obtain an independant opinion of proper construction techniques employed during building.

Home Health Checkup - To have the home inspected on a regular basis at a reduced cost in order to preserve the home in optimum condition.